6.16 | RDR·世界VR論壇-上海國際電影節期間隆重呈現!



RDR·World VR Forum  during shanghai International Film Festival


In the coming June during the SIFF 2019, as the organizer of The Zhangjiang Sino-US Innovation Platform of Entertainment and Technology by Zhangjiang National Innovation Demonstration Zone, Shanghai RDR culture Communication will hold a series international event of VR/AR/MR.

RDR·世界VR論壇上海站——上海電影節期間隆重呈現!本次論壇由上海人大人文化傳播有限公司、美國虛擬現實制作公司StoryTech Immersive和瑞士世界VR論壇公司聯手打造,以科技驅動影視產業發展為核心,放眼科技類電影投資機遇 & 影視文化科技全球趨勢與競爭!聚焦于擴展現實領域的發展與產業變革。



During SIFF 2019, RDR,WVRF and Story tech Immersive will jointly present a international event ——RDR·WVRF Shanghai on 16 June,with theme “East-West 360 Lens:  The Evolution of XR Industry” 

the half day forum on 16 June will focus on the key areas including the opportunities presented by 5G technology, the trends and expansion in Location Based Entertainment, Augmented Reality Storytelling, Bringing Strong Intellectual Property to XR and the Immersive Media Investment Landscape. Follow up with VIP Cocktail Party at that evening, a two-days VR teaching session and a Si-Fi/VR seminar in the next few days.

Conference attendees will include creators, producers, technologists, investors and distributors from both traditional and immersive media.


Guest Speaker

Brian Seth Hurst

好萊塢杰出的VR領域創新型制片人,成立了VR制作公司 - StoryTech Immersive。

Brian Seth Hurst

Founder, Chief Storyteller, StoryTech? Immersive

With innovation in his DNA, it was no surprise that Brian Seth Hurst would emerge as a leading innovator, thought leader and producer in the burgeoning field of Virtual Reality and Immersive Storytelling. Under his leadership, StoryTech Immersive works with television networks, production companies, brands and content creators to educate, strategize, package for, produce and distribute high quality VR. The company’s model includes embedding high caliber independent VR filmmakers in existing production teams in television and film thereby rapidly onboarding capabilities.

Most recently he is producer of “My Brother’s Keeper,” a cinematic VR narrative for PBS inspired by the PBS Civil War Drama, “Mercy Street.” During election season he served as a producer on Showtime’s “The Circus 360 Experience,” companion piece to the networks “The Circus- Inside the Greatest Political Show on Earth.”


Salar Shahna



Salar Shahna


Director / Producer / XR Expert

Salar Shahna is at the head of the World VR Forum, an organization which has promoted VR internationally since 2015, holding its annual gathering every year in Crans-Montana, Switzerland. His focus was to connect science, creatives and industry; stimulate the market and showcase the best works in the festival. With his team, he kept extending the mission of the Forum notably by launching a talent in cubator that supports and guides creatives, directors and technicians in the development of their projects. Salar was the first to bring foreign VR content in China during the Shanghai International Film Festival and has since curated an exhibiton in the Westbund Museum (2017) and in Shanghai's Modern Art Museum(2018). Salar also directed two short films, "Human Race 3D” in 2012 and "The Bakery" in 2013. Salar’s production company Dirty Bacon takes a new flight in 2018 with a detonating line-up and the development of 3radically new VR projects directed by international and renowned creatives. Salar will be directing the science-fiction experience Relife from this line-up.

分享嘉賓 tentative speakers

Lazar Tosic 瑞士SOMNIACS公司市場總監

Vicki Dobbs Beck 盧卡斯影業沉浸式視覺效果工作室ILMxLAB

Ryan Payton  Gamouflaj游戲開發商

SiqiChen   SandboxVR

Holo Guys 國際消費類電子產品展覽會

Ryan Wang 前哨資本

Simon Ho 虛擬現實風險投資聯盟

3Glasses 深圳市虛擬現實技術有限公司



數字王國 Digital Domain 

中國聯通 China Unicom



Ⅰ. 主論壇 RDR·WVRF Shanghai

“East-West 360 Lens:  The Evolution of XR Industry”

2019年6月16日 周日 下午13:00-20:00

16 June, 2019 PM 13:00-20:00


Ⅱ. 虛擬現實研討會- VR SEMINARS

主講人:Brian Seth Hurst 布萊恩·赫斯特 ——StoryTech Immersive

2019年6月17日 周一 14:00-17:00

2019年6月18日 周二  9:30-12:30 & 14:00-17:00

17 June, 2019 PM14:00-17:00

18 June 2019 AM 9:30-12:30 & PM 14:00-17:00


Ⅲ.  VR·科幻電影之夜


2019年6月20日 周四 晚上19:00-21:00

VR· Si-Fi Film Night: Production & Investments Landscape of Si-Fi

20 June, 2019   19:00PM-21:00PM

在上海國際電影節期間,RDR五場精彩內容隆重呈現,關于VR & 5G、強IP、傳統影視……影視科技的現狀和未來發展趨勢,就在6.16~20日上海國際電影節期間RDR最前沿的影視科技論壇!

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Zhangjiang National Innovation Demonstration Zone

Shanghai Zhangjiang National Innovation Demonstration zone Administrative Committee



Shanghai RDR Culture Communication

World VR Forum

StoryTech Immersive



Shanghai Film&Television Technology Association

Shanghai Vancouver Film School- Film Incubator

Shanghai Film Academy,Shanghai University

Shanghai Digital Content Industry Promotion Center

Shanghai Zizhu Hi-tech park

關于主辦方 About Organizer:



About RDR Cultural Communication Company, Shanghai

RDR started in Shanghai 15 years ago as an educational institute.  It partners with one of the leading universities - Renmin University of China to offer degree programs as continuing education to the working professionals in the greater Shanghai region.   RDR has become No. 1 in that space in terms of students enrollment. RDR also runs a think tank to advise the Shanghai Hi-Tech Industrial Zone on all kinds of development planning and policy-making.  In the past few years, RDR has led the initiative to set up The Zhangjiang-Silicon Valley Innovation & Entrepreneurship Platform as well as The Zhangjiang Innovation Platform of Entertainment and Technology.  Both platforms are backed and partially funded by the local government.  Many experts in different fields from the U.S. have been brought to Shanghai on various programs of the platforms.  A dedicated investment fund has also been established to invest in selected projects and entities through the platforms.




世界虛擬現實論壇(WVRF)是一個專注于VRAR國際性的非盈利組織,總部位于瑞士日內瓦。WVRF于每年春分時節在瑞士的西南部小鎮克萊恩·蒙塔納(Crans-Montana)舉辦年度峰會。2016年首屆峰會開幕時,超過1500VR/AR領域專業人士和愛好者聚集于此,參與了這場高級別的論壇和沉浸式內容盛會。WVRF開創了新的VR行業標準,充滿了多樣性的論壇為每一個作品提供定制化的空間,目標是將VR樹立為一種杰出的藝術形式。WVRF通過與全球各地的電影節和國際展會合作來推動國際VR行業的發展融合,其中包括絲綢之路國際電影節、上海國際電影節、法國La Rochelle 紀錄片電影節、NAB Show Shanghai國際影視市場跨媒體技術展,以及瑞士信息社會世界峰會WSIS Geneva,CIC China等官方活動。WVRF還同時發布虛擬現實領域前沿的科技出版物(Philippe Fuchs 教授, Nicoletta Iocabacci 博士)。2016年,世界虛擬現實論壇得到國際電信聯盟趙厚霖秘書長的認可,表彰其致力于落實世界信息社會峰會的相關活動和對世界信息安全招聯基金的貢獻。2016年秋季,WVRF正式開放會員資格。 

About The WorldVR Forum, Geneva, Switzerland

World VR Forum (WVRF) is an international non-profit organization dedicated to VR and AR holding its annual summit mid-spring in Crans-Montana, Switzerland. Its 2016 inaugural edition gathered 1500 professionals and enthusiasts for a high-level forum and an immersive festival. WVRF has set new standards for VR, opening the Forum to rich diversity and dedicating a customized space for each work on a mission to erect VR as a distinguished art form. WVRF supports VR internationally in partnerships with Film festivals and markets (Xi’an Silk Road International Film Festival, SIFF Shanghai, SUNNY SIDE La Rochelle, NABShow Shanghai…); or official events (WSIS Geneva, CIC China…). WVRF also releases scientific publications for the advancement of Virtual Reality (Pr. Philippe Fuchs, Dr. Nicoletta Iocabacci…). The World VR Forum was recognized in 2016  by the International Telecommunications Union’s SG Houlin Zhao for its commitment in implementing the World Summit Information Society’s related activities, and for its contribution to the WSIS Fund. In Fall 2016, the WVRF will be opening memberships


關于StoryTech? Immersive

StoryTech? Immersive是一家擴展現實內容制作和發行公司,致力于促成故事講述者、技術公司和發行商之間的合作,以不斷提高虛擬現實VR)、混合現實(MR)和增強現實(AR)電影制作的標準。StoryTech? Immersive提供了故事講述大師與技術專家的獨特結合,打造無與倫比的電影級與現場沉浸式內容。

S/I 與電視網絡公司工作室、傳統制片公司、品牌和內容創意者合作,教育、策劃、包裝和制作高價值高質量的以浸入式故事為驅動的360°視頻和立體沉浸感體驗。該公司同時還在音樂和電子競技領域制作360°全景直播內容,服務對象包括美國流媒體內容直播及服務平臺LIVE X LIVE以及世界領先的專業電競場館建立者和內容生產商聯盟電競旗下Esports Arenas. 制作的作品包括VR短片“My brothers keeper(PBS), 電視節目《馬戲團,世界上最偉大的政治表演》(“The Circus, Inside the Greatest Political Show on Earth” )  洛杉磯Rolling Loud 嘻哈音樂節全景直播(“The Rolling Loud Hip Hop Festival LA Live in 360”), 以及 彩彈射擊游戲Splat Brothers直播競技錦標賽(“Splat Brothers Live E-Sports Tournament”)。 

得益于其在傳統電視、數字媒體、活動制作和沉浸式媒體行業的深厚根基和關系網,StoryTech? Immersive下屬的論壇會議制作部門同時也幫助來自全球的客戶和合作伙伴策劃和制作會議活動,其客戶包括溫哥華國際電影節、CES國際消費電子展和NABShow美國(紐約/拉斯維加斯)廣播電視展等。 

About StoryTech? Immersive, Los Angeles, CA, USA

StoryTech? Immersive is an XR production and distribution company dedicated to informed collaboration between storytellers, technology companies and distributors in order to continually to raise the bar in virtual, mixed, and augmented reality filmmaking.  StoryTech Immersive provides the unique combination of master storytelling with technological expertise to deliver unequaled best-in-class cinematic and live immersive content. 

S/I works with television networks and studios, traditional production companies, brands and content creators to educate, strategize, package and produce high value, high quality immersive story-driven experiences from 360° video to full stereoscopic immersion. The company also produces LIVE 360 content in music and e-sports including LiveXLive and E-sports Arenas. Productions include “My Brother’s Keeper”  (PBS), “The Circus, Inside the Greatest Political Show on Earth” (Showtime) “The Rolling Loud Hip Hop Festival LA Live in 360”, and “Splat Brothers Live E-Sports Tournament.”  AR productions include the QuantumERA productions “Gettysburg: A Nation Divided”  and the AR series “Passport to…” The company also brings its storytelling and technological expertise to enterprise companies seeking to engage clients and trainees. 

Due to the company’s network and deep roots within traditional television, digital media, event production and now immersive media, the StoryTech? Immersive conference production division works to program and produce conference and events for clients such as the Vancouver International Film Festival, CES and NABShow (New York and Las Vegas), RDR Cultural and Education Company, Shanghai, as well as live broadcasting of VR programming with Broadcast Beat and NABShow LIVE.


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